NERO Officers 2015 - 2016

Chairman: Christopher Guith

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

 President: Joy Ditto

American Public Power Association

  Vice President - Awards: Brendan Williams

American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers

Vice President - Membership: Laura Schepis


 Vice President - Special Projects: Bree Raum

American Gas Association

 Treasurer: Sabrina Campbell

American Electric Power

 Secretary: Kelly Chapman


 Counsel: Randall Davis

Stuntz, Davis & Staffier, PC

 Chairman Emeritus: Andrew R. Wheeler

FaegreBD Consulting

 Executive Director: Carole Goeas

Carole Goeas & Associates, LLC


2014-2015: Andrew R. Wheeler
2013-2014: Renee Eastman

1995-1996: Michael Boland
1994-1995: Margaret Kelley
2012-2013: Clint Williamson 1993-1994: Jana Sheffer
2011-2012: Lisa Van Varick 1992-1993: Thomas Altmeyer
2010-2011: Justin Maierhofer 1991-1992: Kathleen O'Leary
2009-2010: Jennifer Diggins 1990-1991: Al Cobb
2008-2009: Darrell Henry 1989-1990: John Shlaes
2007-2008: Kelly Chapman 1988-1989: Michael McAdams
2006-2007: Joe Nipper 1987-1988: Richard Seibert
2005-2006: Hannah Simone 1986-1987: Jan Vlcek
2004-2005: Leslie Barbour 1985-1986: Robert Boyd
2003-2004: Darnell DeMasters 1984-1985: Carl Emde
2002-2003: Marc Yacker 1983-1984: John LaBerre
2001-2002: Mark Whitenton 1982-1983: H. Hollister Cantus
2000-2001: John Sparkman 1981-1982: Sheryl Rutledge
1999-2000: Deborah Estes 1980-1981: Harold Timken
1998-1999: Rob Long 1979-1980: Donald Erat
1997-1998: Roy Willis 1978-1979: Robert Cole
1996-1997: Susan Moya
1977-1978: Henry Elder

The governing body of the Organization shall be a Board of Directors composed of the elected officers (9) and the elected directors (16) and the Chairman Emeritus.  Elections for leadership positions are held in June, for terms beginning July 1st.  Officers are elected for one-year terms; Directors are elected for three-year terms.  The terms of Directors are staggered, with five Boards members retiring each year.  Active NERO members who are interested in serving on the Board or as an Officer are encouraged to express their interest to any Officer, Board member or the Executive Director.